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Ipswich River Boat Ramp Improvements in Ipswich, MA

Crescent Beach Seawall Repair in Hull, MA


Forest River Park Seawall Repairs in the City of Salem

Reservoir Pond Dam Repair in the Town of Canton


Brant Rock Seawall Reconstruction in the Town of Marshfield, MA


Fort Warren Improvements on George's Island in Boston, MA

Puritan Road Flood Mitigation and Ecological Resilience Project in Weymouth, MA


Foster Avenue Seawall Phase II in Marshfield, MA

Rockwood Lake Dam Rehabilitation in Greenwich, CT

Aquarion Water Company – 2017/2018

Repair of dam and dike structures as well as construction of gate house and pedestrian bridge.

Rock Harbor Bulkhead Replacement Project

Town of Orleans – 2016/2017

Installation of steel sheet pile bulkhead and cast in place concrete boat ramp

North Bluff Seawall Rehabilitation

Town of Oak Bluffs – 2015/2016

Restoration of an existing concrete seawall with a steel sheet pile bulkhead.


Historic Building Slope Preservation

Middletown, RI – 2015/2016

Seawall construction, riprap and building underpinning.


138 Foster Ave Seawall Rehabilitation

Town of Scituate – 2015/2016

Reconstruction of 185 feet of seawall.


Foster Avenue Seawall Repair Project

Town of Marshfield – 2015

Demolition and removal of 4 tons of existing concrete seawall and stairs.  Construction of 1000 lf of concrete seawall with concrete footing, steel sheet pile scour protection as well as three sets of seaward & landward stairs.

Revetment Storm Damage Repairs

Town of Marshfield – 2015

Repairs to stone revetment shore protection structures, repairs to a beach access stairway as well as preparation and restoration of access areas.

Barnstable Inner Harbor Bulkhead Alterations

Town of Barnstable – 2015

Install a second set of tie backs rods and walers to repair a failing bulkhead including excavation, site work and restoration.

Harbor Front Walkway & Causeway Park along the Danvers River in Beverly & Salem

MassDOT – 2015/2016

Construction of a Walkway along the Beverly Harbor Front under a section of the Veterans Memorial  Bridge (Route 1A) and a Causeway Park along an abandoned section of the former Route 1A between Bridge Street and the Danvers River.


Norroway Pond Dam Improvements

Town of Randolph – 2014/2015

Construction of a new concrete spillway, precast concrete bridge and walls following demolition and removal of existing improvements.


Runway 16-34 Culvert Replacement at Quonset State Airport - North Kingstown, RI

Rhode Island Airport Corporation – 2014

Accelerated project to replace 1,250 lf of 54” twin RCP culverts under taxiway and runway.


Water Street Bridge Replacement

Town of Plymouth– 2014/2015

Removal of the existing single-span bridge and weir over Town Brook in downtown Plymouth and replacement with a new single-span bridge and rock ramp-style fish passage structure.

Roadway Reconstruction and Related Work on Liberty St including Replacement of Two Culverts in Danvers, MA

MassDOT – 2014

Demolition of existing culverts and installation of new precast box culverts, wingwalls, installation of temporary utility bridge for utility operations during construction, vibration monitoring of adjacent dwellings, steel sheeting installation for support of excavation and dewatering operations, causeway rehabilitation including surcharge loading and slope rehabilitation. 

Festival Pier Boat Ramp & Site Improvements Project

City of Pawtucket, RI – 2014

Redevelopment a parcel of land into a public park and boat launch facility.

Granville Reservoir Dam Repair Project

City of Westfield, MA– 2013

Demolition and reconstruction of a concrete spillway channel, installation of concrete to raise the spillway wall height, repair and replacement of retaining walls as well as reduction of dam slope.

Surf Ave Seawall Phase III

Town of Marshfield – 2013

Demolition, removal and reconstruction of 1150 feet of existing concrete seawall as well as stairs, ramps, retaining walls and placement of riprap.

Emergency Repairs to Corn Neck Road and Spring Street (Block Island)

Rhode Island Department of Transportation – 2012

Reconstruction of eroded revetments and heaved/broken roads which were undermined by ocean waves during Hurricane Sandy as well as cleanup of silt, debris and boulders.

Tanyard Brook Culvert Replacement

Town of Bristol, RI – 2012

Replaced existing stone masonry & CMP culvert with precast culvert. Replacement of storm water pipelines/structures, water lines/valves and gas lines/valves. Installation of temporary 12 mgd pump system to bypass 24" sewer main in order to relocate and upgrade system.



Route 2 Emergency Slope Stabilization in North Adams

Massachusetts Department of Transportation – 2011

Construction of mechanically stabilized slopes armored with rip rap to repair storm damage.  


Gravel Access Roadway Improvements

Town of Weymouth, MA – 2011

This project consisted of the construction of approximately 2,700 feet of gravel access roadway, two bridges, a culvert and a wetland replication area.


Surf Ave Seawall Phase II

Town of Marshfield, MA – 2011

Demolition and removal of existing concrete seawall and groins, transportation of armor stone, construction of new concrete seawall.


Revetment Repairs

Town of Scituate, MA – 2011

1900 feet of revetment reconstruction and repair involving 2600 tons of armor stone ranging in size between 5 to 12 tons each.

Surf Ave Sea Wall

Town of Marshfield – 2010

Demolition of existing 500 feet of seawall and replace with a 16 foot new wall and concrete stairways.

Salem Boat Ramp

Massachusetts Department of Fish & Game – 2010

Construction of concrete boat ramp in the Danvers River including pile driving and steel sheeting cofferdam up to a depth of 15 feet below mean high water.

North Beach Seawall Repairs Route 1A, Hampton, NH

New Hampshire Department of Administrative Services – 2010

Four hundred feet of seawall hydro demo and reconstruction.

Gooseneck Cove and Salt Marsh Restoration in Newport

City of Newport, RI – 2009

Dam removal and construction of two culverts adjacent to Atlantic Ocean.