24 Years and Counting

New England Pride & Tradition

Northern Construction Service, LLC has a solid reputation for completing complex projects on time and often well ahead of schedule. With our construction on roads, bridges and airports we keep traffic moving in New England. Every day we go to work determined to protect the public and the environment with quality workmanship. This was true when our company started and it’s still true today. From rebuilding storm ravaged roads to relocating a historic lighthouse we always keep our mission our priority.


We have forged strong and longstanding relationships with project owners and engineers by utilizing excellent communications skills and understanding of their concerns. This helps ensure that coordination with the public, utilities and facilities will be thorough, organized and successful.

Weymouth Office

775 Pleasant Street  Unit 11

Weymouth, MA  02189

phone: 781-340-9440

fax: 781-340-5708

Palmer Office

1520 Park Street

Palmer, MA  01069

phone: 413-289-1230

fax: 413-284-0170